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4 planets side by side. The leftest one is deserted and barren. Gradually moving right the planets grow more lush and green.
Credit: Universe Today

urrently, our planet is struggling. With our global population rising and us slowly running out of resources, we must find a solution to help our tired planet Earth. Different solutions aid the health of the Earth but not the rising population. With our population at 7.8 billion(2020) and counting, you might think that we need to find another planet to call home and adapt to it. The truth is that we can make a new home using the planets nearby us like Mars and Venus.

So, a week ago when my partner, Aryan Khimani, and I were participating in the TKS moonshot hackathon we absolutely had to develop this idea of terraforming.

What is Terraforming?

Terraforming is the hypothetical process of modifying other planets or moons to make them more “Earth-like”. This is done by modifying the atmosphere, temperature, and surface topography of the planet. By doing this we have more chances of us surviving and creating a new colony on a previously uninhabitable spacial body.


At Aura, we have the idea of terraforming different planets using nanotechnology. We’d send over many nanotech “Terrabots” to do the daunting task of terraforming. Instead of having to go through the logistics of sending a human being over, Terrabots are much less expensive to ship and they can do the task with more efficiency.


Nanotechnology is a technology built on a minuscule level. It is currently being used in medical fields such as treating or preventing disease. We want to introduce a whole new level of nanotechnology with our Terrabots.

Our Mission

Our goal is to save our planet while creating new planets to expand the human race’s grasp on our universe. We must save Earth and take the next big leap for humankind by terraforming

“I don’t think the human race will survive the next thousand years unless we spread into space. There are too many accidents that can befall life on a single planet. But I’m an optimist. We will reach out to the stars.” — Stephen Hawking

Mars, the red plane
Credit: Wikipedia

As I mentioned, terraforming is no easy task. Sending humans to do it is even harder. From supplying the requirements necessary for them to survive like oxygen tanks and food to stabilizing pressure. It’s quite difficult. But, it isn’t as expensive to send the Terrabots over and they do not need food to survive. Instead, they’d use solar-powered energy to keep them going. Terrabots are less expensive to ship because due to their nano size they weigh less. Also, Terrabots are way more reliable because they are less prone to mistakes that humans may make.

How are we going to do this?

Step 1: Fixing Earth

We need to start at our home base. Our mission is to save our planet Earth before it’s too late. Before going out and modifying other planets, we need to solve our own problems on Earth. This would be to aid efforts with climate change by absorbing Co2 and other greenhouse gases.

Step 2: Disrupting Space

After taking the first big step for our company the only way to go is up, literally and figuratively. Starting what we call “The Great Expansion” our technology will enable us to set-up a permanent residence outside of our blue planet and allow us to expand into the solar system or even further into the vast universe.

The steps to set up a colony:

  1. We need a base for our earth-bound human respondents where they’d operate the Terrabots.
  2. Make the planet’s atmosphere and magnetic field more suitable for creatures to survive.
  3. We need to regulate the temperature over some time until it’s stable.
  4. We start the process of which we change the terrain of the planet to make oceans and land for infrastructure.
  5. We’d need to introduce human life to the planet. We’d need to make sure that everything is correct.

Step 3: The Future of the Future

Once we succeed in our goal of expanding the human race, it will make our tiny spark of an idea into a flame that would power a revolution, accelerating us from a Type I to Type II civilization. (Kardashev Scale)

Paving the way for humanity’s future

Everything has its own limitations and our Earth is quickly approaching hers. We can reverse these changes by terraforming. With the aid of our Terrabots and other advanced tools in geoengineering, we will not only be able to help Earth recover faster but also advance into making other planets like Venus or Mars more habitable.

Our growing population will soon get out of hand and we will need more space. Geoengineering an existing planet will create a new place to live for more of humanity. We will also gain more resources by extracting the minerals from the planet. Though this time we will not make the mistake of ruining our next planet. Our company isn’t just a solution to the biggest problems that we face today but also provides support for humans to take the next big leap into the future.

Credit: UWA

Our Vision

We want to live in a world where our Earth is no longer burdened by overpopulation or climate change. Where humans have expanded their colonization to other planets and have formed new societies or cultures. It will be the best hurdle to overcome.

This is a really important step in securing our future. Either we live on a deserted planet, barely staying alive or have a prosperous community stretching far into the universe. And anyway, who is going to save the planet if not us?

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Hey! I’m a grade 10 student fascinated with learning, creating, and sharing what I learn with you!

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Olivka Rozenberg

Hey! I’m a grade 10 student fascinated with learning, creating, and sharing what I learn with you!