Space Junk: A Junkyard Catastrophe

A computer-generated image representing the space junk seen from a high earth orbit.

Intro to Space Junk

Space junk is formed when defunct objects are left in space. When we launch our rockets we store the necessary fuel in different compartments. Once the fuel is burned up, that part of the rocket is dropped to prevent dead weight. Some crash down on Earth, some burn up in our atmosphere, but most stay in orbit for years and years. Other sources of space junk come from boosters and shrapnel from missile testing.

No one will notice what’s wrong until it’s too late…

If all our satellites were destroyed we’d be sent straight back into 1970s tech. No GPS, phones, or the Internet. Weather reports? Forget them. Asteroid detection? That would be gone too.

Efforts to Clean Space Junk

Yet not all hope is lost. There are steps that we are taking to mitigate the space junk. Like taking steps to avoid creating more space junk and creating tech that can remove it.

(Source: News — EPFL) How ClearSpace One deorbits satellites



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Olivka Rozenberg

Olivka Rozenberg


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